Health Solutions

Health Services and Quality of Life Programs

Our company’s blend of clinical counseling experience and professional consulting that we provide to public, private and academic organizations enables our staff to design efficient and innovative service delivery solutions for healthcare and other quality of life programs.

Revelations consults with market leaders in the healthcare industry for nationwide delivery of treatment and pharmacy services, telehealth/telepresence technologies, companies with a global footprint for career readiness, the largest providers of occupational health services, and the most prestigious academic health centers in the world. Our Health Solutions business unit allows us to integrate our expertise in systems theory, psychological health, and the best business and clinical practices developed through these strategic partnerships.

Some of our current operations include:

  • Developing and deploying telehealth solutions for behavioral health diagnosis and assessment
  • Call center support for patient referrals and appointments
  • Designing virtual non-clinical coaching for career transition support, financial wellness, and other healthy lifestyle issues

Revelations proudly supports Veterans seeking behavioral health services through the Veterans Choice Program. Our Behavioral Health Veteran Representatives provide nationwide behavioral health referral management services and patient appointing through a 24-hour call center operation.

Revelations has also developed an innovative, patient-centered operations model through a joint venture (JV) with Three Wire Systems, LLC. MyRevelations, LLC is a CVE-certified SDVOSB JV pursuing excellence in both personal well-being and organizational performance. Clinical counseling and assessments are offered in-person through therapeutic office settings and virtually through established contact centers—with both treatment settings supported by an in-house technology services division. Our unique integration of clinical best practices and enabling technologies delivers Health Solutions as a Service. This model offers person-centered treatment services that integrates enabling technologies at the point of service—e.g., telehealth services, case management systems, mobile applications, virtual world technologies, and more agile administrative tools for efficient patient referral management and scheduling. Our JV specializes in the care of populations serving in the Armed Forces, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and other hazardous occupations, and we have delivered more than a million tele-coaching and tele-counseling client sessions to support these critical missions.

This business model has far-reaching implications that open the door for improved accessibility to care through the use of telehealth, the creation of automated, patient-friendly behavioral health assessment tools, and more effectively leveraging “Big Data” for upstream suicide prevention. The use of virtual world technologies also introduces novel and highly effective approaches for improving PTSD treatment outcomes.

The MyRevelations JV possesses an inherent scalability and multi-disciplinary capability to pursue improved outcomes through the integration of evidence-based practices, providers trained in person-centered care and advanced technologies that raises the standard for counseling, coaching, and caregiver support—and helping our customers towards the discovery of their best!