Heather Ulstad

Heather Ulstad, BS Psychology, MS, MERP (In Progress)


[email protected]

Heather is an Intern with Revelations and currently pursuing her Masters in Military and Emergency Responder Psychology from Colorado State University Global. Her current study and practice fulfills a lifetime goal of providing personal development and mental health care to military, veterans, responder personnel, other high-risk occupations and their loved ones. Heather’s professional background provides a unique intersection in professional experience with both a strong psychological education foundation and practical experience with responder service and culture.

Heather is currently employed as a Program Analyst for the federal government. She began her federal career in 2007 as a law enforcement officer, and in that role, she has served on her Agency’s Honor Guard and on specialized teams focusing on counterterrorism, trends and operational patterns of criminal organizations, and high-risk assessments. In 2014 Heather received a Commissioner’s Award for Special Recognition, along with her assigned unit, for her performance on a Congressionally-mandated project.

Heather has earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Certificate in Forensic Investigation from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. During her undergraduate studies, Heather also assisted in academic advising and research support to the university’s psychology laboratory. Through her research assistance role at the university, Heather is also listed as a co-author on a peer-review article in entitled, “Semantic Processing in Auditory Lexical Decision: Ear-of-Presentation and Sex Differences”, [Wurm, L.H., Whitman, D.R., Seaman S.R., Hill, L. and Ulstad, H., 2007, Cognition and Emotion, 21 (7), 1470-1495].

Heather is originally from Michigan, and born in Detroit proper where she spent time living and working in the city as a young adult. Detroit has a special place in her heart, because as she puts it, “that city has grit”! Detroit is also special because it is the place where she met her husband, with whom she now shares in the joy of raising two boisterous girls.

Given the chance, Heather will spend her free time being active in the outdoors—running, cycling and roller blading as the seasons permit. She loves the lush greenery of Virginia, but laments the southern summers—the Midwest cold is in her blood! She enjoys reading fantasy fiction and thrillers, e.g., Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett and Dean Koontz, and also watching “artsy independent movies”. Heather enjoys caring for/remembering their family dogs, Monty (R.I.P.) and Baxter, getting away with her family to explore new places in their small bunkhouse camper.