Elijah Sharps

Administrative Assistant
Revelations Counseling & Consulting, LLC

As an Administrative Assistant for the Revelations Counseling & Consulting’s clinical practice, Elijah provides support for all the essential front office responsibilities that ensure our patients receive person-centered and timely access to care. This includes outreach for the initial intake of our new patients, coordinating appointments and referrals, managing patient accounts and accurate payments for services, and maintaining compliant clinical records. In addition, Elijah manages the supplies and maintenance of our facility, to ensure an efficient and safe working environment for both our employees and patients.

In addition to his responsibilities at Revelations, Elijah is also the sole proprietor of his own business that specializes in buying and selling vintage and antique items—he is a true visionary in finding items that have been neglected, and restoring them to a new creation. He leverages this business experience for Revelations through his natural fluency with customer satisfaction and advocacy for our patients to resolve any issue that emerges.

Outside of his daily duties at the practice and managing his other business ventures, Elijah is married and the proud father of three beautiful daughters—Eden, Sage, and Iris.