Ben Solley

Human Resources Manager
Revelations Counseling & Consulting, LLC

Ben serves as the Human Resources Manager for Revelations Counseling & Consulting, responsible for the personnel services support of our clinical practice as well as the staffing of our Health and Human Solutions federal program operations. Ben brings experience from his prior position as a supervisor for an international supermarket chain, and is responsible for all of Revelations’ recruitment and onboarding efforts, coordinating the company’s employer-sponsored benefits, providing guidance for employee professional development, ensuring company compliance with human resources state and federal laws, and always striving to provide a rewarding work environment for all of our employees to Discover Your Best.

As the son of a retired Marine, Ben spent his early years residing and traveling around the world as a result of this father’s military assignments. Ben’s personal understanding of the military community culture is evident in his passion about our company’s specialization to enhance the health and quality of life needs for our counseling clients, the US Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Program, and the Veterans Community Care Networks Program—and he takes pride in recruiting great employees who share this passion.

Ben still enjoys traveling, and especially visiting his mother and family in Australia, whenever possible. He currently resides in downtown Fredericksburg, with his wife, Sam and their two Carolina dogs—Carson and Evan. Among his many talents, Ben was also a professional cook, and he still enjoys trying new recipes with his wife and hosting dinner parties for family and friends.